Each person has a very individual iris - to do an analysis I look at the color of the eye and the structure of the fibres that lie within - this can give indications of family inherited traits, areas of trauma where symptoms are likely, personality traits, and any potential strengths and challenges. It's all about what you do with what you have - what you eat and drink, where you live, how you love and what you think!

By working with a persons individual constitution it is possible to recommend dietary changes, lifestyle/exercise considerations and natural health supplementation that suits their particular needs 

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Healthy Skin Appt

Sick of battling skin issues ??
Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne  - these conditions can all be extremely frustrating to try and resolve and standard medical care offers mainly steroid creams which are not ideal long term. Did you know that with most skin conditions can get relief for symptoms with topical treatment but if you want to get to the bottom of things and find the root cause you have to look within and treat from the inside out! Thiis often comes as a surprise to clients when I meet with them. Take the step today to find out what’s really driving your skin problems and work with me to get resolution 

Flower Essences

Flower essences are energy or vibrational medicine that can help keep us in balance and feeling well  to return us to a state of wellbeing. These essences work well with conditions such as low mood, low confidence, prolonged grief, anxiety, stress, indecision, life direction, repeating old patterns of behavior (family patterns also) feeling stuck, relationship issues and much more...

Children benefit from these essences for conditions such as night terrors, bullying, life changes (schools, towns, family dynamics) shyness, aggression and much more...

A lot of the issues mentioned above some would say are just an everyday part of life and that is true, but if these emotional states become a problem taking flower essences to address this can restore balance and harmony in your life

Flowers essences are very safe to use alongside of conventional medicines, and are suitable from infants to the elderly- almost any unsettling life event can benefit from the use of flower essences...

Flourish Natural Health - Greymouth

If you are unable to visit my clinic but there is a specific issue you need help with i can make a personalised blend of flower essences for you to help you work through things. These blends are considered very safe for infants through to the elderly. They are able taken alongside of medications with no known interaction. There is a small amount of alcohol as a preservative.
Complete the details below outlining the problem, you would like help with to get started.

The cost of each blend is $40 including freight for a 25ml bottle which is treatment for around 4-6 weeks. 

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Wellness with Plant Medicines

Improve your health and wellbeing or resolve an existing issue by taking a deep dive into your health history looking at diet, lifestyle, environmental and emotional factors and looking where changes can be made. A treatment plan that works with your lifestyle can then be drawn up to help you move forward 

Plants based medicines have been used extensively for many years to restore health to the physical body. The beauty of using herbal extracts or teas is that you can combine around 4-6 herbs in one treatment bottle so can cover many therapeutic actions at once. This can address 2-3 health issues at once. 

These liquid preparations are a great option as they are readily absorbed so helpful for those with impaired digestion who may have trouble breaking down capsules or tablets. Helpful for problems with digestion, skin, hormones, immunity, chronic fatigue just to name a few....

Flourish Natural Health - Greymouth 

Empowerment Reading

Everyone has times in their life when it feels hard to understand what’s happening and why it’s happening to you. Life is full of ups and downs, change, loss, grief etc - we all experience these challenges in different ways depending on our own individual emotional and personality traits.

I offer you an empowerment reading where we take a deep dive into your natal birth chart to help you understand your strengths and challenges, what you need to negotiate life to reach your full potential.

Alongside of this we take a look at your connection to the native plant world of NZ and the 5 individual plants according to your date of birth that are here to help you on your journey through life 

Book your appointment below to help you understand who you are, your soul purpose and what you can do to help your self

At the end of the appointment a NZ Plant Essence will be made based on your birthday, for you to take home to help you step into your power,  reset and move forward on your own unique path through life…


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