Children’s Astrology Reading

Remember the day you arrived home from the hospital or birthing centre with your newborn. Did you have that very common feeling for new parents, a sense of excitement for the future but at the same time realizing that you are now responsible for this little soul and there was no handbook or map  to show you anything about them?  Imagine if there was a book or roadmap that gave you some clues about your child and their needs before they can even tell you what they want or need – well now you do have a map – this report can give you clues about your childs personality traits, the strengths and challenges they have chosen to work with this life time, how they express their energy and at the end a resource to show you how to work with the items revealed

This report is made up of a series of aspects that relate to your childs moment of birth. Imagine you are lying in the hospital at the moment of their birth and a snapshot was taken of the heavens above at that point. This becomes their natal chart and never changes. Its like a blue print or plan for their life, what they have chosen to do and achieve and any old karma they have chosen to work with as well. Some of us have easy charts and others hold more tension… all so very different …. Knowing what they are here to do and experience can help you to empower them by giving you a look into how to help them live their best life and what you can do to help them be the very best version of themselves and reach their full potential. 


Find out what you are here to accomplish this life time, where you are headed and what you are here to achieve. What your strengths and challenges may be and how to work with these to reach your full potential . We all encounter times in our lives where we can get a little bit off track and a reading to help you get path on your path again . All readings include a plant essence that helps to reset, rebalance you according to your date of birth. Email readings also available


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