As a natural therapist I have been working with clients in Greymouth,  across the West Coast and by email for the past 11 years. After working initially only with the physical aspects of health I quickly learned that it's important to work with clients on all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally for best outcomes

As a result of this my special interest lies in the effects that our everyday life has on our physical body and how we can remain resilient to what life demands of us - this is where the flower essences step up alongside of the plant medicine to support the physical needs a client may have

I offer face to face wellness consultations from my home based clinic in Runanga 7 km north of Greymouth or online via FaceTime , these  usually takes around 60 minutes and involves extensive case taking, iridology photos, zinc taste test, nail and tongue analysis and a look at current diet and lifestyle .... 

Denise Bell

Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine 

Bach Flowers Practitioner 

First Light Flower Essence Practitioner

Integrated Iridologist - Physical and Emotional /Rayid Iridology

Therapeutic applications for Iris constitutions 

Level 1&2 Debra Silverman Applied Astrology 

 3 Kilgour St - Runanga - Greymouth - 0210476401


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