$90- Wellness Consultation - which takes around 60-90 mins which takes a deep dive into your health history, diet, lifestyle, environment, mental/emotional well-being and current health concerns at which time iris photos are taken and put up on the screen for reference and discussion - a treatment plan can then be drawn up

$80 - Skin Wellness Consultation - 60 minutes deep dive into what may be driving a skin condition you are currently experiencing 

$80- Iridology - Iris photos can be taken and a analysis report drawn up from these and wellness plan given based purely on the photos - no consult

$85 - Iridology -  Iris photos taken - 60 minute verbal consultation to go over iris analysis - this is a good option for those that are curious and looking to maintain good health - no  written report 

$75 - Flower Essence Consultation - perfect for resolving emotional or stressful life events or when you looking for empowerment in your life - 45 mins includes remedy.      

$90 - Empowerment Reading 

$80 - Nervous System Reset

$75 - Winter Immunity **June price only

$35 - Follow up appointments for any of the above or if you have been for an appointment before -  30mins      

These appointments are all held at my home clinic at 3 Kilgour St Runanga, 8kms north of Greymouth or if necessary I can come to you for a home visit if you live in the Greymouth or Hokitika area  by arrangement                 

Contact details

Email: hello@flourishnatural.co.nz

Phone: 0210476401

Address:  - 3 Kilgour St - Runanga - Greymouth

Business Hours:
10 - 7pm Tuesday - Wednesday - other times by arrangement 

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