Focus - Wellbeing Essence


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Wellbeing support for those needing help with focus and clarity

There are times in life where we just need a little help to remain focused and improve our cognitive thinking - this could be during any of the following times 

  • study or exams
  • learning difficulties 
  • for those that find the task at hand overwhelming
  • attention deficit or those easily distracted
  • staying on track with the task at hand
  • learning new skills - starting a new job or course
  • calming down the monkey mind - perfect for those that overthink things
  • remaining focused even if experiencing minor setbacks
  • helps to reduce feelings of fear of failure 
  • boosts confidence to complete tasks

This plant essence is safe and effective for all ages. Easily taken in water or juice 

Dose is 2-4 drops taken 3 times daily or as needed. Can be added to your water bottle for ease of taking during the day. Consistency in taking these during the times needed for best result. These do not interact with other more general medicines and are considered safe for all ages

Blend is made up from the First light essences of New ZealandĀ® range 

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