Chamomile Dried Tea


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Delicious tea - useful for the following

  • soothing and relaxing the nervous system
  • helping to promote restful sleep
  • considered "mother of the gut" by many herbalists to sooth digestive upset
  • uncomplicated diarrhea
  • infantile colic
  • teething in children
  • anxiety or restlessness
  • travel sickness 
  • topically for eczema and wound healing
  • topical for leg ulcers
  • topical for skin inflammation

To use add 1 tsp of dried herb to a cup of boiling water ( use a teaball ) sit for 5 minutes then sip away. You can reuse the teaball 1-2 times more until the flavour is gone - then add to your compost bin 

*Externally - make an infusion in the way described above and apply to wounds (* Do a patch test first before applying to open wounds)

Available in 3 sizes

** may not be suited to those that are sensitive to the Asteracae plant group

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