Digestive Bitters


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Gentiana Lutea  - Gentian

Healthy digestion is critical to health 

The regular use of digestive bitters can support the production of HCI (hydrochloride acid in the stomach) . HCI is very important for the healthy breakdown of foods in the stomach particularly proteins. When deficient it can lead to digestive issues commonly diagnosed as reflux or over acid where often it is too little acid which creates gas formation that can force its way back up through the sphincter into the esophagus - those with low stomach acid often end up on reflux medication. Stomach acid naturally begins to deplete after the age of 40 or in those that have poor diets or dietary lifestyle habits such as excessive smoking or drinking. Regular use of digestive bitters taken before meals helps stimulate the body to create acid naturall. A diet high in green leafy vegetables is also a great way to get more bitters in your diet


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